TELEPHONE / FAX: (315) 532-6842
(if we do not answer we might be assisting customers so make sure you leave us a message)

BUSINESS HOURS: Mon-Fri:  8am-7pm & Sat:  9am-1pm
(feel free to call anytime after business hours to setup an appointment or ask questions)

LOCATION: Maksys no longer has a physical location. To better assist our customers and keep our prices low we now do home pick-ups and drop-offs.  What this means is we come to your home or business to assess the situation, if the problem cannot be repaired onsite we will take the problem hardware back to our repair lab, fix it then return it to you.  Best part is we will disconnect and reconnect your computer and we do all of the traveling.  As always we still service Mexico, Oswego, Fulton, Parish, Pulaski, Altma plus surrounding areas.

Hello, my name is Mark and I am the owner and main technician of Maksys.  Back in 2001 I moved to CNY from NYC to work at my father's business.  One day my father had an issue with his computer and even though I have over 30 years experience in that field I really wasn't setup to do the computer work he needed so we took his computer to a repair shop.  Days later they called my father telling him all this mumbo jumbo about this needs to be changed, that needs to be replaced with a cost of over $300.  It did not make sense to me so we picked up the computer.  With a little research I repaired it and it only cost $45.  My father said to me "you should start a business doing this."   ...... Here I am.

Maksys Computers is all about honesty.  If your computer equipment is not worth fixing we tell you.  If you choose the option of repair everything is done fast and affordable.  We always keep our customers in the loop when it comes to pricing so there will never be any gimmicks or hidden fee's.

Computers are part of our every day lives.
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